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Worldescrow Newsletter March 2013

WorldEscrow: the mozart connection

And thus the third WorldEscrow newsletter of 2013 became a fact. Today’s subject is a very classic one, one that has become so obvious for most Escrow Experts that they often don’t even think about explaining it anymore. Today’s subject is the three party agreement – or in WorldEscrow vocabulary: the “3P”. Saying that a 3P is a classic is like saying that Mozart knew a little about writing music: a severe understatement. It is safe to state the 3P is the mother of all escrow agreements.

And what exactly does mom look like? Allow me to refer to Mozart again: the year is 1790, imagine Mozart writing Die Zauberflöte, sitting in a dusk room, ferociously penning down notes, tearing the bad pages out, correcting flaws and thinking of new text and music. He’s already going a few days without rest, food or water but at last, after all that effort, he is finished. While he goes over the pages one last time to verify each and every note a smile crawls across his lips. He stacks the papers neatly, and starts making copies of them. One for his own, of course, and one for the opera director of the Theatre 'auf der Wieden' in Vienna, where the play makes its world première on September the 30th of the year 1791.

3 months later, on the 5th of December, Mozart dies. His widow Constanze sends the manuscript to the court in Bonn, thus preserving it for the future. It takes until 1814 for this text to be officially published. Nevertheless, a year after Vienna, the opera is already played almost a hundred times; also, meanwhile, multiple versions have appeared.

How does this relate to the 3P? Allow me to explain: If Mozart was the supplier, die Zauberflöte the software, the opera director a beneficiary and the court in Bonn WorldEscrow, you have got a beautiful analogy. In essence, a 3P is the beneficiary asking a continuity solution from the supplier or a supplier offering a continuity solution to a specific client. In order to present that solution, the two original parties call on the aid of an independent third party, like WorldEscrow. This is exactly what Mozart did, thanks to Constanze. He deposited the source code for the Zauberflöte with a trusted third party so the opera director would know the integral and correct version, without bugs and with Mozarts shining signature under it. While the ones who sought other means of acquiring the opera had bugged, incomplete or incorrect versions at preposterous prices, written or copied by imposters.

It is WorldEscrows belief that beneficiaries who buy software are doing so in order to do things better, faster or more efficient. They just want to improve. The supplier selling software is doing so to make a living, but he hopes that his creativity, his blood sweat and tears are appreciated as long as possible. That’s why people, out of mutual appreciation, engage in a story of Escrow and WorldEscrow is happy to be the mediator and good friend to both parties.

Imagine everybody could always benefit from your compositions, that you could always benefit from that of others. Or stop imagining and Contact us